Thursday, March 11, 2010

Online Sources: One Kings Lane

I've been subscribed to emails from One Kings Lane for a while now--love the idea of home decor bargains! Today, I came across this and just had to post:

Isn't she lovely? I can totally picture this carrying all the bevvies back and forth at my fabulous outdoor summer party backyard BBQ.

In case you're not familiar, One Kings Lane is a private sale home decor site that offers deep discounts on super high end accessories, flatware, art, textiles, etc.  You do need to become a member to get access to their sales (and if you pass invites onto your friends, you can get credit on the site!).  The idea is that they offer you a different deal every day.  Being the crafty marketers they are, the whole limited-time-only premise is supposed to sucker you in to buying now.  Clever! For now, I'll hold on to my pocketbook, thankyouverymuch, but I do enjoy the eye candy.


  1. you must be mixing OKL up with one of the other sites... they never required an invitation and in fact one of the owners was quoted (in the NY Times I think) as saying she was very much against that whole "exclusivity"/invitation thing.

  2. Hi Suzanne, looks like you're right. You do need to be a member, and you can be invited, but it's not invitation only. Thanks for the heads up. Regardless, a great place to look for great deals!


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