Monday, March 8, 2010

Dream Kitchen Checklist

Though Mr. J and I are still renters, I dream about the day when I will have a kitchen of my very own. That day may be far in the future, but the kitchen really is the heart of the home (especially for us), so I’m already collecting inspiration. I've come up with a short list of my kitchen must here goes:

White Cabinets. Every kitchen I have in my inspiration folder features some variation of these beautiful babies, and I think that’s a sign. Plus, fashionable wood finishes come and go (blonde vs. espresso vs. walnut, etc.), but white is classic, fresh, and will hold up in the face of fickle trends!

Subway Tile and Carrera Marble. This is another classic look, and, from what I hear, subway tile is pretty cheap, too! Not cheap, but still classic, is carrera marble. I love its cool grey look for a counter top. I’ll take butcher block, stainless, or even zinc(!) if it turns out to be unattainable, but a girl can dream!

Open Shelving. The debate rages on, but I love the look of open shelving. I have too many pretty platters, pitchers and plates to confine them to a dark cupboard. I hear they’re hard to keep looking neat and organized, but I think I may be up to the challenge.

A Comfy Place to Sit. Be it an island, nook or table, this is an essential part of my dream kitchen. A place for friends and family to gather to keep me--well, let’s be honest--Mr. J--company while we whip up tasty treats.

A Chalkboard. This mini trend may have fallen by the wayside by the time I’m ready for a kitchen of my own, but I have to say, I think it’s genius. I envision writing shopping lists, appointments, and even sweet love notes on the board if I can find a place to squeeze it into the design.

What about you all? What’s the best feature in your kitchen? What’s the worst? And what side are you on in the great open shelving debate??

P.S. I've resolved to be better about properly crediting photos, until then, if you see something that's yours, let me know and I'll credit you properly.


  1. I love you dream kitchen! Love the chalkboard, open shelving, and white cupboards. I will keep you company there while you whip up delicious treats :)

  2. I've seen that chalkboard before--- love the look, but hate the feel of chalk on my hands! I suppose a whiteboard wouldn't look as cool, eh? ; )


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