Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Flea Market Field Trips

Now that spring is in the air, things are warming up, the buds are in bloom…and that can only mean one thing. It’s flea market season!!! Yippeee!

Photo via Velvet and Linen (seriously, check out this blog for some major flea market inspiration).

I love old stuff. Old furniture, old doo dads, old photos, heck, even old people. I get such a thrill from finding tiny treasures lurking in piles of dusty junk. Poor Mr. J gets dragged into each and every “Antique” aka JUNK store we see. Such a dutiful husband.

I came across this great local flea market  post  and could hardly contain my excitement. I tell ya, there’s nothing better than grabbing a coffee, a fistful of cash and heading to the flea market to root through an endless sea of junk.

Yay for spring!

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