Saturday, March 20, 2010

Monogram, monogram, monogram

LOOK what arrived in the mail yesterday. That’s right, it’s a huge letter J. I know this trend is a little played out, but let me explain. I’m not quite a newlywed anymore (Mr. J and I are less than 5 months away from our two year anniversary), but I can’t help but be excited about my new name. I’ll hear someone with the same last name as us on TV and say, “Look honey, it’s our relative!” We’ll be cruising along and see a street sign with our name on it: “Look honey, it’s our street!” Poor Mr. J. It’s old news to him, but it’s all still fresh and new and exciting to me. Like…remember when you were a kid and you found your name on one of those dinky little license plates in a souvenir shop? Like that.

So, that being said, let’s give a shout out for monogram pride.

I got mine at Ballard Designs...check it out and find your own!!


  1. I love it!! Have fun with it, Mrs. J!

  2. i <3 it too! except i can't say i have experienced many of those moments: never have i seen a "POBKE STREET" or potential rellies on telly with the name "POBKE." although, there IS a pobke lane in port lincoln, SA (where clinty is from) that i'm determined to take a picture of one of these days! :)


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