Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Dream Bathroom Checklist

There is absolutely nothing like a long, hot bath after a looong day at work. I love relaxing, grabbing magazine (or four), a glass of wine, lighting a candle and just sitting in the tub. Unfortunately, the house Mr. J and I are currently renting lacks a lot in the bath department. It has its strengths, don’t get me wrong, but the bathroom leaves A LOT to be desired. I can’t wait until the day we’ll have a bathroom of our own that we can fix up exactly the way we like. Until then, I’ve come up with my dream bathroom checklist to keep the hope alive!

1. A freestanding claw foot tub. For a gal who likes a good bath as much as I do, there is almost nothing as important as a deep, inviting, luxurious clawfoot tub.  Let the good times roll:

2. A walk in shower. Since I’ll be in the tub most of the time, I’ll need a separate, walk in shower for Mr. J to use (ok, me too, once in a while). It’s pretty much a necessity to have two showerheads, no? As well as a good seat to, well, sit on.

3. Double Vanity. This is an essential, and I’ve heard a few people say it’s the key to a long and happy marriage. For anyone who’s tried to share a bathroom with a husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend, or roommate, you know where I’m coming from. Every grown up deserves their own sink…and no one should have to wait to spit while brushing their teeth!!  Though I love the look of the first vanity here, not sure I'm quite organized enough, so I might need to go with a more enclosed style, like in the second photo.

4. Subway tile, Carrera marble and chrome. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. These materials are timeless. I love the cool, calm, clean feeling they lend to a bath. Hexagonal tiles, wainscotting, whatever. Just check out these amazingly classy photos of a couple bathrooms featured on one of my favorite blogs, Brooklyn Limestone:

And finally, just a quick note on the powder room...I don't have one, but I would REALLY love to have one some day.  I envision a little jewel box of a room that you can totally saturate with color, since you won't have to look at it every day.  A room like this will really wow your guests:

However, realistically, I could probably never talk Mr. J into that peacock blue (isn't making joint design decisions the WORST??), but I think I'd have a shot at something like this amazing geometric wallpaper featured in Deborah Needleman's powder room (RIP Domino):

That's a huge MAYBE.

What about you all?  What are your must-haves in the bathroom?  What does your dream bathroom look like??

Images via Apartment Therapy, Living Etc., Pottery Barn, Brooklyn Limestone, Jean Randazzo, Domino

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