Monday, August 6, 2012

We Bought It

There it is...the new Chez J.  After so many years of moving, waiting, moving and waiting, Mr. J and I bought our first house.  It's not perfect, of course (starter houses never are), and there are lots of things we want to do, but we're so excited to be homeowners!

Cleaning, painting, organizing and yes, destruction have all begun in earnest as we work to get this place a little more up to date (and ready for our little one's arrival in December). Here's a little tour, with photos taken the day we got the keys.

Dining Room

Living Room - Note: L.Belle relaxing in her new home, and the amazing faux finish on the walls.  I realize I didn't get a photo of the fire place the day we got the keys, but you can see part of it just to the left in this shot.

Kitchen - Note: The amazing slate floors and maroon walls, circa 2002 when this baby was remodeled. Sigh.

T.V. Room

Stairs going up - Note: the amazing green carpet

Upstairs Bathroom

More Bathroom

Bathroom Floor (it's already GONE! Yay!!)

Stairs going up - our bedroom at the top, the T.V. room lower left

Master Bedroom

Your eyes do not deceive you, the ceiling is pink.  


Soon-to-be baby's room - lots to do here!


Area we will turn into a real closet

And that about sums it up.  There's also a backyard, a garage, and a basement with a guest room (come visit!), another bathroom and laundry.  But, I must not have taken pictures - not the most exciting part of the house.  

We have a lot of work to do, but it's already started.  The paint is drying, and the dust is settling (for now)...updates soon!

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