Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Bump: 20 Weeks

There it is!  I waited and waited for it to show up, and I was convinced it never would.  So when Mr. J took these photos, I got really excited.  It's there, it's there!  Finally, a visible excuse for my high maintenance dining requests.  (Are there raw eggs in that?  Is the ham cooked, like, until it's steaming hot?  Could you leave off the cotija cheese? Could you cook the meat, like, a lot?  No, I don't want the delicious bottle of Malbec you are offering at 1/2 price this evening. And that was just last night.) Finally. Ok, maybe I stuck my stomach out a little bit, but looking at this photo, I think I really do look a little bit pregnant.  

I'm halfway there. I can't wait to park in the Expectant Mother parking at Metropolitan Market and not get any dirty looks. 

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