Thursday, February 3, 2011

Orange Color Pallete

I'm hatching plans to do some quick and easy work in our dining room, and I've come across a fabric dilemma!  I'm absolutely married to the orange chevron in the top left corner, and am planning to make six chair cushions out of it. 

Here's the question...I have a bench in the dining room that sits under a window, and I'd like to make a cushion for it as well.  Do I go with (clockwise from top) the aqua-orange fabric to complement/contrast with the chevron? Or the more tone on tone complement of the orange/brown/yellow floral? Or do I stick with the same color and just switch up the print, with the orange and cream floral. 

Heeelp!  I'm leaning toward the aqua-orange print that sits right next to the chevron (top right).  Thoughts??

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