Thursday, February 25, 2010

Warm Up

Ok here goes. I’m jumping in. For the past year or so, I’ve been a voracious consumer of just about all of the design blog content on the interwebs. Now, it’s time to pay my dues. Play my part. Er. Start my own blog.

Honesty is the best policy so here it is: I’m nervous. I've always thought I had a good eye, I've always thought I could do this, but it's scary to actually try. And while we’re being really honest: I want you all to like me…to REEEAAALLYYY like me. What can I say? I am a middle child afterall.

My goal is simple and personal. I want to create more meaning in my life. I am taking baby steps here, but I am hoping that the best way to find fulfillment is to think about what makes you truly happy, what speaks to your heart, and what makes it sing. Then the hard part is figuring out a way to just DO that one thing. Everyday.

What speaks to my heart and makes it sing is design: making the best of what you have and making it lovely. Making a home, making room for family and love. Fixing, creating, and doing so that life gets just a little bit better. I am turning the page on what makes my life dark and stormy and I am starting a new chapter. I’m hoping I’ll learn, I’m hoping I’ll grow, and I’m hoping to find my meaning. Thanks for coming with me.


  1. I'm excited about your new endeavor! Especially since after a year in our house, I'm ready to start decorating! and I need some ideas and inspiration....perfect timing!

  2. So exciting! I can't wait to read more!


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